Globalization is here to stay. We are living the age of the Internet, which is tearing down old boundaries. Roughly 72% of millennials prefer to search for information and make their purchases on the net rather than going to a traditional brick and mortar establishment. This means they are just one click away from buying anything, anywhere in the world. This global and digital environment that companies are striving to compete in internationally poses the following challenge: How do I design my internationalization campaign in the different markets?

The advantages of internationalization for small and medium enterprises are clear: competing in different markets and multiplying their number of clients. But how to reach those markets?

The two most frequent options for entering a new market are translating or localizing our messages and careful brand communication. Translation could be defined as the act of expressing something in one language that has already been expressed in another, while localization is the act of translating a message bearing in mind the customs, idiosyncrasies and culture of the target market.

Both options have their advantages. On the one hand, translation is a form of internationalization irrespective of cultural differences. It allows us to create or keep up an image as a global and uniform brand while at the same time boosting brand awareness beyond our own borders. Localization, on the other hand, consists in adapting the message to the target market taking cultural differences into account, making it more specific to the needs and preferences of local consumer groups.

As you can see, the concept of translation has gradually evolved according to the market’s needs and the effects of globalization. Translation is no longer mere linguistic transfer; it is progressing into a transcultural communication model and an intrinsic part of the internationalization process. Translation and localization are both key elements when it comes to accurately and coherently conveying a company’s philosophy and identity in the international marketplace. The aim of localization is to be seen as a friendly and appealing company in any country or market.

In this computerized world, translation and localization play a strategic role in any company’s international development. It is no longer a case of translating our website as if it were a mere showcase for our virtual store – we need to take important factors into account, such as making content locally relevant, considering SEO placement or the desired positioning in each of the markets we are approaching. Translation companies such as SeproTec offer much more than language guidance, they also analyze the international market and social and cultural trends in order to cause the greatest impact in each target market. We all know that by translating our website into English, Chinese and Spanish we can reach 60% of Internet users worldwide, but it is also important to localize content in order to hold a competitive position in every market, project a local, familiar image, and feature among the top results on the main Internet search engines.

A localization company like SeproTec is not just made up of linguists – we have a multi-disciplinary team comprised of localization engineers, programmers, desktop publishers, editors, analysts, and experts in internationalization and transcultural marketing. In view of the sector’s progress, a recent study published by the US Department of Labor stated that translation will be one of the strongest growth professions between 2016 and 2020.

Local or global strategies?

Our experience tells us that the best strategy is one that combines global and local. This means tackling an internationalization process by landing in local markets equipped with the cultural and social advantages of a local competitor.

Internationalization and digital transformation are the two greatest challenges for small and medium enterprises when it comes to growing in size and productivity, but they also represent two huge opportunities on a global market that demands relevance, knowledge and immediacy.

Of course, translation and localization are not the only factors to consider when preparing an internationalization strategy, but they should be acknowledged as key elements to guide, support and complement that strategy. Backed by a strategic partner like SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, the market knows no bounds.



SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, one of the top 30 companies in its field worldwide, has acquired lidolang specialist translations, “one of Eastern Europe’s leading localization companies with the highest growth potential,” according to SeproTec CEO Juan Julián León Ibáñez.

SeproTec’s acquisition of lidolang is a major step forward in its strategic international expansion plan. This purchase will enable the company to grow in strategic markets, raise its productive capacity and meet the market’s strong demand head-on, while also bolstering its language portfolio and broadening its array of multilingual solutions.

lidolang is a company based out of Krakow, Poland, and has 25 years of experience in the industry. It offers a wide range of multilingual services, mainly in the Slavic languages, as well as a strong technological complement – the latter being particularly important to SeproTec, which is committed to being a technological leader in the localization market.

SeproTec’s acquisition of lidolang not only improves the company’s productive capacity, but also broadens its map of synergies with the vertical integration of its productive processes, widens its geographic coverage, bringing services closer to end-customers throughout the continent, and contributes to its expansion in the strategic international markets where lidolang has already consolidated its own position.

“lidolang is now a SeproTec company, broadening our international horizons and allowing us to improve our range of multilingual solutions tailored to each one of the markets in which we operate. This acquisition will provide us with significant operational synergies and enable us to continue growing in our strategic markets,” Mr. León notes.

This transaction, done in consultation with PwC Corporate Finance, was completed with the company’s own resources and will help SeproTec to retain a competitive position that fosters and strengthens its leadership in the international market. In addition, to ensure the project’s stability the lidolang management team will retain its role within the company. SeproTec continues moving forward with its international expansion process just a few months after opening another production center in the city of Austin, Texas.


SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, una de las 30 compañías más importantes del mundo en su sector, adquiere lidolang specialist translations, «una de las compañías de localización líderes en Europa del Este y con más potencial de crecimiento» según afirma Juan Julián León Ibáñez, CEO de SeproTec.

Para SeproTec la adquisición de lidolang supone dar un paso importante en su plan estratégico y de expansión internacional. Esta compra permite a la compañía crecer en mercados estratégicos, ampliar su capacidad productiva y hacer frente a la fuerte demanda del mercado, a la vez que refuerza su cartera de idiomas y soluciones multilingües.

lidolang, con base en Cracovia, Polonia, es una empresa con 25 años de experiencia en el sector, una amplia gama de servicios multilingües, principalmente en lenguas eslavas, y un fuerte componente tecnológico, un hecho importante para SeproTec dada su apuesta por mantener una posición tecnológica importante en el mercado de la localización.

La adquisición de lidolang por parte de SeproTec no solo mejora la capacidad productiva de la compañía, también amplía su mapa de sinergias, con la integración vertical de sus procesos productivos, su cobertura geográfica, que permite ofrecer un servicio más cercano en todo el continente, y la expansión en mercados estratégicos internacionales en los que lidolang mantiene ya una posición consolidada.

«lidolang, que es ahora una compañía SeproTec, amplía nuestro horizonte internacional y nos permite mejorar nuestras soluciones multilingües, globales y adaptadas a cada uno de los mercados en los que operamos. Esta adquisición nos proporciona importantes sinergias operativas y nos permite seguir creciendo en mercados estratégicos para nosotros», apunta León.

Esta operación, con el asesoramiento de PwC Corporate Finance, se ha llevado a cabo a través de recursos propios de la compañía y permite a SeproTec mantener una posición competitiva que favorece y refuerza su liderazgo en el mercado internacional. Además, para garantizar la estabilidad del proyecto, el equipo directivo de lidolang mantendrá sus funciones dentro de la compañía. En paralelo, SeproTec continúa con su proceso de expansión internacional pocos meses después de abrir otro centro de producción en la ciudad de Austin, Texas.


SeproTec Multilingual Solutions y la Fundéu BBVA han puesto en marcha una guía para ayudar a los periodistas y a todos los aficionados a conocer cómo se pronuncian los nombres de los jugadores, entrenadores, árbitros y sedes de la Eurocopa 2016 de Francia.

¿Cómo se pronuncia el nombre del centrocampista turco Oguzhan Özyakup? ¿Y el del defensa polaco Artur Jedrzejczyk? ¿Y el del delantero albanés Sokol Çikalleshi?

Los nombres de los más de 552 jugadores que disputarán la Eurocopa, los de los entrenadores, árbitros y estadios, son uno de los principales escollos en la labor de los periodistas que cubren o comentan este acontecimiento, ya que proceden a menudo de idiomas con formas y sonidos muy alejados del español.

Para cada uno de los jugadores, entrenadores, etcétera, la guía incluye: el nombre tal y como figura en los registros oficiales de la UEFA, un audio en el que un locutor nativo del país correspondiente lo pronuncia, una transcripción fonológica sencilla e intuitiva y una segunda grabación en la que es una locutora española quien pronuncia ese nombre.

De ese modo, la guía, disponible en la web de Fundéu (, ofrece tres formas de aproximarse a la pronunciación correcta de cada término.

En total, hay 1207 locuciones en 18 idiomas diferentes incluyendo alemán, ruso, japonés, eslovaco, turco, albanés, islandés y croata.

Pensada sobre todo para resultar una herramienta útil a los periodistas, la guía es, no obstante, accesible para cualquier usuario que quiera acercarse a la pronunciación de los nombres de los protagonistas de esta cita deportiva.

Los usuarios pueden navegar entre los listados de cada una de las 24 selecciones, los árbitros y las sedes o localizar un nombre determinado a través de un buscador.

Esta es la tercera ocasión en la que SeproTec y la Fundación del Español Urgente -promovida por la Agencia EFE y BBVA- lanzan una herramienta de este tipo, después de las experiencias de la guía de pronunciación sobre la Eurocopa de Polonia y Ucrania y continuada luego con la del Mundial de Brasil 2014.


SeproTec is pleased to announce that we have pledged our support to help humanitarian translations reach more people around the world by becoming a bronze sponsor of Translators without Borders.

Translators without Borders (TWB) strives to provide people access to vital, often life-saving, information in their own language by, connecting non-profit organizations with a community of professional translators; building local language translation capacity; and raising awareness of language barriers. Since 2011, TWB has translated over 30 million words in over 150 languages in the areas of crisis relief, health and education. The organization has responded to urgent crises by using its Words of Relief model, working with partners, to provide vital information in the appropriate languages to those affected by the European refugee crisis, the Ebola crisis and the Nepal earthquake. Words of Relief ensures better communications with communities when crisis response aid workers and affected populations do not speak the same language.

The financial support provided by sponsors is critical to sustaining and growing the organization. “In the course of our work, we’ve become aware of a huge need, which is for people in poor countries to be able to access global knowledge in their own language,” explains Aimee Ansari, Executive Director of Translators without Borders.

“According to UNICEF more people die from lack of knowledge than from diseases. People in poor countries are simply unable to access global knowledge in a language they understand. Mobile technology may be bringing more people information, but we still need to bridge the ‘language last mile’. Translators without Borders is delivering this much needed help through a myriad of tools and programs so that more people will be able to access the knowledge they need in a language they understand.”

Commenting on SeproTec’s decision to become a sponsor, Juan Julián León, CEO of SeproTec said:

“We are proud to contribute with Translators without Borders to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian efforts worldwide”.

Aimee Ansari adds: “We are incredibly grateful to SeproTec for this assistance, which is critical to enable us, in turn, to support more humanitarian work around the globe.”

SeproTec is proud to be supporting Translators without Borders in this work.


At a draw in the presence of a Notary Public, Patrick Porter, a Localization Engineer, has won the competition in which SeproTec offered the prize of a ticket for the next LocWorld to be held in Dublin from 8 to 10 June 2016. The competition, run through Linkedin, set out to reward professionals in Localization, Translation and Interpreting who were interested in attending one of the most eagerly anticipated events in our market sector: #LocWorld31, an event sponsored by SeproTec at which, moreover, you will be able to visit our stand (no. 28) and learn about all the latest company news from the Seprotec team.

As part of its goal of contributing to the development of the most innovative initiatives within its sector, SeproTec has shown its support for the LocWorld organization by agreeing to be a GOLD sponsor. The Company will also participate by sponsoring other specific actions, such as the provision of corporate bags for all those attending.

The event, which will be held at the Dublin Convention Centre from 8 to 10 June 2016, will not be the first LocWorld sponsored by SeproTec. However, it will be the first in which it will be a GOLD sponsor. This new undertaking, which is part of the Company’s international expansion plan, is intended to contribute to the development of a solid and enriching event for the Localization sector, which is now celebrating its 31st edition.

All of us here would like to take this opportunity to convey our congratulations to Patrick Porter.


En un sorteo ante notario, Patrick Porter, Localization Engineer, ha resultado ganador del concurso en el que SeproTec sorteaba una entrada para asistir al próximo LocWorld que se celebrará en Dublín durante los días 8 al 10 de junio de 2016. El concurso, que se ha celebrado a través de Linkedin, quería premiar a aquellos profesionales de la Localización, Traducción e Interpretación que tuviesen interés en asistir a uno de los eventos más esperados de nuestro sector: #LocWorld31, un evento patrocinado por SeproTec en el que, además, podréis visitar nuestro stand (nº28) y conocer de la mano del equipo SeproTec todas las novedades de la compañía.

En su objetivo por contribuir al desarrollo de las iniciativas más innovadoras del sector, SeproTec ha mostrado su apoyo a la organización del LocWorld con la firma del patrocinio ORO, en el que, además, la compañía participa también patrocinando acciones específicas como la dotación de bolsas corporativas para todos los asistentes.

El evento, que tendrá lugar en el Convention Centre de Dublín durante los días 8 al 10 de junio de 2016, no será el primer LocWorld patrocinado por SeproTec, no obstante, si será el primero en contar con su apoyo como patrocinador ORO. Esta nueva acción, incluida dentro del plan de expansión internacional de la compañía, trata de contribuir al desarrollo de un proyecto sólido y enriquecedor para el sector de la Localización, y que ya se encuentra en su 31ª edición.

Desde aquí queremos dar nuestra enhorabuena a Patrick Porter.


The work of the purchasing department has become a key factor in improving a company’s bottom line. If a company aspires to excellence, its purchases must reflect this by matching its real needs. For this reason, and with the commitment of helping the different purchasing department professionals understand the advantages of a global service that covers all the multilingual needs of a company (translation, interpreting, localization, etc.), SeproTec is sponsoring the 19th Purchasing Professionals Congress, which will be held at the Teatro Goya in Madrid on May 25 and 26.

The company’s stand will showcase the most innovative services in the translation and interpreting industry, such as software and website localization, multi-language digital content management, plus other services designed to help companies become truly international.

This event has become the leading discussion and networking forum for professionals in this field. Executives from large corporations, purchasing managers from small and medium-sized businesses, and other professionals with links to purchasing, will pass on their experience on the latest topics of interest to all purchasers, so that the attendees can take back to their organizations new innovative, value-creating models and tools.

SeproTec’s sponsorship of the 19th Purchasing Professionals Congress is further evidence of the company’s commitment to supporting all initiatives that promote the growth of the sector and contribute to the development of a global market.


La función del departamento de compras se ha convertido en uno de los elementos clave a la hora de mejorar la cuenta de resultados de una compañía. Si una empresa aspira a alcanzar la excelencia, sus compras deben reflejar ese carácter, adaptándose a sus verdaderas necesidades. Por ello, y con el compromiso de ayudar a los distintos profesionales del área de compras a conocer las ventajas de un servicio global que aúne todas las necesidades multilingües de una compañía (Traducción, Interpretación, Localización, etc.), SeproTec patrocina el XIX Congreso de Profesionales de Compras que se celebrará el 25 y 26 de mayo en el Teatro Goya de Madrid.

La empresa contará con un stand en el que se presentarán los servicios más innovadores de la industria de la Traducción y la Interpretación, servicios como la localización de software o páginas web, gestión multidioma de contenidos digitales además de otros servicios pensados para ayudar a las compañías en su proceso de internacionalización.

El evento se ha consolidado como el principal foro de discusión y networking para los profesionales del área. Directivos de grandes corporaciones, responsables de compras de pequeñas y medianas empresas, y otros profesionales vinculados al área de compras, desgranarán su experiencia en cuestiones de interés y actualidad para todos los compradores, de manera que los asistentes contarán con nuevos modelos y herramientas para innovar y generar valor en sus organizaciones.

El patrocinio del XIX Congreso de Profesionales de Compras ratifica, una vez más, la apuesta de SeproTec por apoyar todas aquellas iniciativas que favorezcan el desarrollo del sector y contribuyan al desarrollo de un mercado global.