SeproTec maintains its leading position in the Translation and Interpreting industry

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The prestigious independent consulting firm Common Sense Advisory has once again prepared its annual ranking of the most important companies in the world in the translation and interpreting industry, with the participation of more than 1,000 companies from across the globe. With over 150 million words translated last year, an average of 350 daily interpreting sessions, and over 900 clients around the world, SeproTec Multilingual Solutions has consolidated its position as one of the leading companies in the industry.
The multinational translation and interpreting company, headquartered in Spain, has undergone dramatic growth in recent years. Some months ago, SeproTec announced the opening of a new production center in Austin, Texas, an initiative that forms part of its plan for international expansion. The goal, according to Juan Julián León, the company’s CEO, is to “consolidate a key strategic market and increase the company’s production capacity with the large contracts signed in the USA in recent years.”
This is not the only news, as a few weeks ago SeproTec announced its acquisition of lidolang specialist translations, which León calls “one of Eastern Europe’s leading localization companies, with the greatest growth potential.” In addition to improving the company’s production capacity, this purchase will also broaden its synergies due to the vertical integration of its production processes; its geographical coverage, which makes it possible to offer a more localized service all over the continent; its portfolio of languages; and its expansion into the strategic international markets in which lidolang is already well positioned.
Since the publication of the latest ranking, SeproTec has maintained its position in spite of strong investment in international expansion, which has allowed SeproTec to compete in a larger number of markets with the level of quality that has always distinguished the company.
For León, “This is recognition for the work and effort of all our team and a sign that our commitment to internationalization is allowing us to grow in the large international markets. Our challenge now is to continue growing in order to become closer to our clients and expand our portfolio of multilingual solutions.”
SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is a company with over 25 years of experience in the industry, and has developed a wide range of services that help different companies and institutions carry out their international communication without having to worry about language-related issues. It operates in 14 countries and has over 400 employees.

SeproTec mantiene su liderazgo en el sector de la Traducción y la Interpretación

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Como cada año, la prestigiosa consultora independiente Common Sense Advisory, elabora el ranking de las empresas más importantes del mundo en el sector de la traducción y la interpretación, con la participación de más de 1.000 compañías de todo el mundo. Con más de 150 millones de palabras traducidas el pasado año, una media de 350 interpretaciones diarias y más de 900 clientes en todo el mundo, SeproTec Multilingual Solutions consolida su posición como una de las empresas líderes en su sector.

La compañía multinacional de Traducción e Interpretación con sede en España ha experimentado un vertiginoso crecimiento en los últimos años. Meses atrás, SeproTec anunció la apertura de un nuevo centro de producción en la ciudad de Austin, Texas, una iniciativa integrada en su plan de expansión internacional y cuyo objetivo principal es el de “afianzar un mercado estratégico clave y aumentar la capacidad productiva de la compañía en consonancia con los grandes contratos firmados en EEUU en estos últimos años” apunta Juan Julián León, CEO de la compañía.

No es la única novedad dado que SeproTec anunció hace pocas semanas la adquisición de lidolang specialist translations, «una de las compañías de localización líderes en Europa del Este y con más potencial de crecimiento» según afirma Juan Julián León, una compra que, además de mejorar la capacidad productiva de la compañía, también amplía su mapa de sinergias, con la integración vertical de sus procesos productivos, su cobertura geográfica, que permite ofrecer un servicio más cercano en todo el continente, su cartera de idiomas y la expansión en mercados estratégicos internacionales en los que lidolang mantiene ya una posición consolidada.

Desde la publicación del último ranking, SeproTec ha mantenido su posición a pesar de la fuerte inversión en expansión internacional, algo que ha permito a SeproTec competir en un mayor número de mercados con el nivel de calidad que siempre ha diferenciado a esta compañía.

Para Juan Julián León, CEO de SeproTec, “Este es un reconocimiento al trabajo y al esfuerzo de todo nuestro equipo y una muestra de que nuestra apuesta por la internacionalización nos permite crecer en los grandes mercados internacionales. Ahora nuestro reto es seguir creciendo para estar más cerca del cliente, además de aumentar nuestro porfolio de soluciones multilingües”.

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions es una empresa con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector que ha desarrollado una amplia gama de servicios que ayudan a distintas empresas e instituciones a implantar su comunicación internacional sin tener que preocuparse por los problemas del idioma. Está presente en 14 países y cuenta con una plantilla que supera los 400 empleados.

Localization: Local or global strategies?

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Globalization is here to stay. We are living the age of the Internet, which is tearing down old boundaries. Roughly 72% of millennials prefer to search for information and make their purchases on the net rather than going to a traditional brick and mortar establishment. This means they are just one click away from buying anything, anywhere in the world. This global and digital environment that companies are striving to compete in internationally poses the following challenge: How do I design my internationalization campaign in the different markets?

The advantages of internationalization for small and medium enterprises are clear: competing in different markets and multiplying their number of clients. But how to reach those markets?

The two most frequent options for entering a new market are translating or localizing our messages and careful brand communication. Translation could be defined as the act of expressing something in one language that has already been expressed in another, while localization is the act of translating a message bearing in mind the customs, idiosyncrasies and culture of the target market.

Both options have their advantages. On the one hand, translation is a form of internationalization irrespective of cultural differences. It allows us to create or keep up an image as a global and uniform brand while at the same time boosting brand awareness beyond our own borders. Localization, on the other hand, consists in adapting the message to the target market taking cultural differences into account, making it more specific to the needs and preferences of local consumer groups.

As you can see, the concept of translation has gradually evolved according to the market’s needs and the effects of globalization. Translation is no longer mere linguistic transfer; it is progressing into a transcultural communication model and an intrinsic part of the internationalization process. Translation and localization are both key elements when it comes to accurately and coherently conveying a company’s philosophy and identity in the international marketplace. The aim of localization is to be seen as a friendly and appealing company in any country or market.

In this computerized world, translation and localization play a strategic role in any company’s international development. It is no longer a case of translating our website as if it were a mere showcase for our virtual store – we need to take important factors into account, such as making content locally relevant, considering SEO placement or the desired positioning in each of the markets we are approaching. Translation companies such as SeproTec offer much more than language guidance, they also analyze the international market and social and cultural trends in order to cause the greatest impact in each target market. We all know that by translating our website into English, Chinese and Spanish we can reach 60% of Internet users worldwide, but it is also important to localize content in order to hold a competitive position in every market, project a local, familiar image, and feature among the top results on the main Internet search engines.

A localization company like SeproTec is not just made up of linguists – we have a multi-disciplinary team comprised of localization engineers, programmers, desktop publishers, editors, analysts, and experts in internationalization and transcultural marketing. In view of the sector’s progress, a recent study published by the US Department of Labor stated that translation will be one of the strongest growth professions between 2016 and 2020.

Local or global strategies?

Our experience tells us that the best strategy is one that combines global and local. This means tackling an internationalization process by landing in local markets equipped with the cultural and social advantages of a local competitor.

Internationalization and digital transformation are the two greatest challenges for small and medium enterprises when it comes to growing in size and productivity, but they also represent two huge opportunities on a global market that demands relevance, knowledge and immediacy.

Of course, translation and localization are not the only factors to consider when preparing an internationalization strategy, but they should be acknowledged as key elements to guide, support and complement that strategy. Backed by a strategic partner like SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, the market knows no bounds.

Intellectual Property Translations: Rely on the Experts

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