Translator of the month: February 2022

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Every month at SeproTec we choose our translator of the month in recognition of their hard work and commitment.

However, in light of the current world situation that is affecting each and every one of us, this month we would like to dedicate this recognition to all of our translators from Ukraine, Russia and many other countries who, with their actions and words, are showing tremendous solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

We want to publicly express out thanks for all of those small contributions they keep sending us which, when combined, are of immense help, as well as for all their efforts and commitment as translation professionals.

At SeproTec, we have thrown ourselves into this situation since the onset of the conflict, not only on behalf of our employees of Ukrainian origin, but also for all those translators and interpreters who find themselves affected by this situation.  As well as providing support with different initiatives within the markets in which we operate, SeproTec sponsors Translators without Borders, whose members are dedicating a large part of their resources, both human and financial, to held the people of Ukraine.

And we want to continue contributing to this cause with a different initiative. This month, instead of sending out our wonderful sweatshirts, we have decided to make a donation to a new kindergarten that is going to be opened in the city of Krakow, and that will be used by Ukrainian children and entirely run by Ukrainian refugees. Thus, giving them the opportunity to be useful and also to earn a salary. Our intention with this initiative is to be able to inject color and creativity into a situation that is turning somewhat gray and bleak. We want this symbolic action to go towards ensuring that our children can continue expressing themselves and coloring their world with smiles.

SeproTec Translator of the Month: January 2022

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We’re pleased to announce the winner of the January 2022 edition of our “Translator of the Month” action.

Translators are one of the most important pillars of the company. For that reason, this initiative is our way of saying thank you and recognizing the professionalism of their everyday work.

We’d like to introduce Dagmara Pakosz, a polyglot with a master’s degree in Hispanic Philology who has become a “must have” within our team of translators based on her good performance.

SeproTec Translator of the Month: January 2022

Hi Dagmara!

We know that you have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and that you’re an excellent professional.

But we’d like to know more about you, so can you tell us:

How do you start your working day?

I start my day by checking my emails and completing high priority tasks. This is the time when I’m most productive. Then after about two hours, I take a break to read some news or stretch a bit.

Did you know that you wanted to be a translator before taking this path?

I always knew I wanted to work with languages, but I wasn’t sure if it would be as a translator or in another field. It was certainly my dream, and I’m very happy that it came true.

We understand video games are your passion! Do you see localization as a way to put your passion to work?

Video game localization is my dream job. I really enjoy playing video games and working on their localization, which is a very creative (and demanding!) task. You have to take into account many factors, like the culture of the audience in your language, the character limit, etc. I must admit that even when I’m playing video games for fun, I can’t switch my translator’s brain off, and I still revise all the commas and analyze the localization.

What do you enjoy most about working with SeproTec?

 I really enjoy the communication with project managers, who are extremely nice and professional. They respond quickly to emails and help resolve any queries that I might have! They’re a pleasure to work with.

We’ve heard that you’re also very keen on traveling! Is it easy to work remotely while traveling? What’s your next destination?

One of the best things about being a freelance translator is that you can work from literally anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet (which includes for example, working from the airport while waiting for a flight). The next destination on my list is Norway! I’d love to work from a cabin somewhere in the woods, but I doubt I’d have good internet access there. In that case I’d just have to enjoy nature and simply disconnect, which as we all know, is so necessary.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and congratulations on winning the award.  You certainly deserve it.

Legal translation, what it is, why it is important and what are its key features

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Legal translation is one of the most widely explored aspects in the field of translation. It is also one of the disciplines that requires the greatest care, as it is not enough to simply master the language and adapt the texts to the legal context of the document. As professionals, we must be familiar with the legal structures in the target country, something that both complicates the task while simultaneously increasing its value.

Legal translation, what it is, why it is important and what are its key features

What does translation entail within the legal sector?

It involves the translation of documents of a legal nature and context.

It enables the translation, from one language to another, of all manner of documents of a legal nature, including official texts issued or drafted by a public body for the purpose of regulating a legal transaction entered into between private individuals or companies. These include a wide range of purchase/sale contracts, company bylaws, divestment decrees, property right assignments, writs of summons or verdicts and laws. All of these can be executed between persons who speak different languages, and it is therefore essential that the translator act as the linguistic bridge.

Legal translators know full well that no two texts are the same. For this reason, attention must be paid to the profound differences between different subjects. It goes without saying that this sector is awash with legal terminology, so much so that the British refer to it as legalese.

‘Legalese’ is almost a laguage unto itself. It requires a legally trained person to understand it. The same applies to legal translators. They must be familiar with the country’s laws, because there is no way a word-for-word translation can faithfully represent the meaning of the original.

Another of the special characteristics of this field is extreme semantic accuracy. As translators, we must always choose the terms we use with great care and clearly illustrate the concepts used in the document, as these will have legal effects for both parties.  Furthermore, a legal translator must endow the translated text with meaning so that it can be employed in the country where it will be used without resulting in risks that might generate legal consequences for those making use of the document in question.

Legal translation is not sworn translation

The following example is provided to clarify this point. Legal translation is what concerns us here, and it is associated with a sector in which we work alongside notaries public, lawyers and judges on a daily basis. On the other hand, sworn translations are provided by translators who are in possession of a stamp issued by the competent authority, which confers the target texts upon which they are working with legal validity.

Why is translation important within the legal sector?

We cannot forget that this translation service guarantees a basic right. Everybody has the right to understand what it is they are signing or to the learn the details of a court ruling that affects them. Therefore, our role is fundamental for the smooth functioning of the legal processes in a country.

On the other hand, the misinterpretation of a legal document can result in financially unfavorable or even criminal consequences. This risk increases significantly if the person involved does not fully understand a document’s content. This means our input is the one key that also ensures our clients understand their duties and commitments. A legal translator is bound to correctly assign every word and meaning to the legal context. One misplaced word in a document can radically change the course of a case or legal process and, therefore, it is important that the legal translators understand the legal implications of the text they are translating.
It is therefore patently obvious that our profession has a great influence within the legal sector. The specialist agencies and certified professionals totally guarantee their translations. This is because they specialize in the appropriate translation and interpretation of the legal concepts enshrined in the source or original language and do not limit themselves to producing literal word-for-word translations.Translation plays an undisputedly vital role withion the legal sector. But what is it? Why is it so important? All the key points in this article

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions has over 30 years of experience in translation and placement for the legal sector and we offer an extensive portfolio of translators who are both widely experienced and sector-specific specialists.  These are either trained career translators with an in-depth knowledge of the legal system of the country where the translated document will be used and with extensive legal knowledge, or they are bilingual legal professional with mastery of the source and target languages combined with wide experience translating this type of content.  In both cases, our translators are extremely familiar with the laws not only of the country where the translated document is going to be used, but also with those of the country where the document to be translated originates, as well as being skilled researchers.


For more information on how SeproTec Multilingual Solutions can help you with the translation of your company’s legal documentation, you can contact us here.