SeproTec Translator of the Month: December 2017

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We have a great pleasure to introduce the third winner of the Translator of the Month action at SeproTec.

As a way to say Thank you! and recognize the efforts of the industry professionals: translators, the driving force behind every translation company’s success, the initiative has been launched in September 2017.

Meet Özgür Öncel , our December Translator of the Month and read our interview with him.

What do you start your work day with?

If I can, I like to take the time to listen to music to clear my mind from any distractions. Some days it’s soothing classical, other days it may be uplifting jazz or energizing rock, depending on my mood.

Why have you decided to pursue translation career?

As the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ goes, I began to work as a freelance translator to support my education expenditure while I was still a university student. After graduation I was chosen for the prestigious post of in-house translator for the Turkish Army during my yearlong mandatory service, which in turn officially began my career in the translation industry.

If you could speak any foreign language, what would it be and why?

Travelling to South America for an extended period has always been a dream of mine, so Spanish would be the logical choice for an additional language. Besides, who wouldn’t want to watch Almodovar movies without subtitles?

What do you enjoy about working with SeproTec?

Without a doubt the staff at SeproTec are most helpful and professional team that I have had the pleasure to work with. It always feels great when you know you will have support, should you need it.

What do you think are the greatest challenges of the translation industry nowadays?

Machine translation and artificial intelligence is rapidly impacting the industry and I believe in less than a decade only the top professionals will be in demand.

What is your life motto?

Enjoy life and be in peace and harmony with nature.

Thank you Özgür! Working with you is a real pleasure. Enjoy the SeproTec hoodie!





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