SeproTec Translator of the Month: February 2018

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We have a great pleasure to introduce the fifth winner of the Translator of the Month action at SeproTec.

As a way to say Thank you! and recognize the efforts of the industry professionals: translators, the driving force behind every translation company’s success, we have launched the initiative at SeproTec in September 2017.

Meet Iuna Rizet, our February Translator of the Month and read our interview with her. :)

What do you start your day with?

I start with a nice cup of tea and checking my emails to see if I have urgent jobs to tackle for the day.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue translation career?

When I was 16. I loved languages and I was not too bad :) I took the entrance exam for a translation school in Paris and passed, and so it began.

What in your opinion are the biggest challenges of the French translation industry?

I think translators should pay attention to bad publicity and bad translations. Some people accept translations when they are not familiar with the subject and unfortunately they do a very poor job, accepting very low rates in the process. We should promote good translators, who studied the process and are equiped to do a proper job, and remind our final clients that in order to have good quality, you have to accept higher fees and rely on professional translators.

What do you enjoy about working with SeproTec?

Working with Seprotec, you get to meet considerate people, always there to help if you need it and willing to enter a positive business relation. It is very comforting to know you can rely on the project managers if you ever have a problem or a question. They are friendly and I think I get on well with everyone I had to chance to work with.

Human Translation vs Machine Translation – what do you think?

I think there are good ideas being developped to help us in our daily jobs. I feel “real” translators will always be needed because the machine cannot always make the right decision when it comes to choosing between different meanings for a same word. As long as the tools implemented are there to help us, why refuse technological developments?


Thank you, Iuna! We really enjoy working with you :) and we hope you like our blue SeproTec hoodie :)


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