SeproTec Translator of the Month: March 2018

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It’s hight time we announce the sixth winner of the Translator of the Month action at SeproTec.

As a way to say Thank you! and recognize the efforts of the industry professionals: translators, the driving force behind every translation company’s success, we have launched the initiative at SeproTec in September 2017.

Meet Arcelino Monteiro, our March Translator of the Month and read our interview with him. :)

How do you find balance between work and private life?

Balance between work and private life is all about effective time management and knowing priorities and staying true to them. Overworking myself is something I avoid because I will not be able to perform at my very best and meet my clients’ expectations if I am sleep deprived, too stressed or burnt out. I make sure to set appropriate boundaries by keeping my private life and “leaving work at my office” as it can be tempting to mix both worlds at home. If I can dedicate myself 101% to my work, the same should be applied to my private life. Who else will live and cherish my own life but me? Being able to achieve a good balance between work and private life allows me to work and enjoy my life healthier, happier and less stressed.

When did you realise you wanted to pursue translation career and why?

Every one’s book starts with a blank page and mine was no exception. I began to write the very first word of my blank page when my grandmother first taught me how to write my full name and, later on, how to write and spell different words in Portuguese and English way before starting school. Looking back, I am sure this is what sparked my interest in languages. When I was attending middle and high school, some of my colleagues used to ask for my help with their homework and classroom exercises in language subjects. In some cases, I even found myself translating some of their homework written assignments from Portuguese into English in exchange for chewing gums and trading cards we used to collect. How funny and fun was that? It was in the eleventh grade I decided I had to pursue a languages-related career after consulting my parents and foreign languages teachers—I was driven by their encouragement and my passion for foreign languages. Why not make my living by combining work and pleasure? Being a professional translator is so enriching and fulfilling!

If you wouldn´t have become a translator, then what would you do?

That’s indeed a very interesting question! During my whole life journey, I imagined myself becoming many a LEGO designer/creator, a football player, an astronomer, a personal trainer and even a chess player. I’m really glad I had the wisdom to make the right decision, i.e., to do what I enjoy most and what I do best: painting the art of bridging worlds and people.

What do you enjoy about working with SeproTec?

Working on a daily-basis with SeproTec is really a joy! What I do enjoy most about working with them is undoubtedly working on their exciting projects and dealing with their amazing professional staff of dedicated employees from the Accounting, Vendor Management, and Project Management Departments, mainly from the latter one. The ones I had and still have the pleasure to work with are top-notch! I always appreciated their kindness, friendliness, and responsiveness—they are always there for you, just a click away or a call away, no matter how busy they are. Communication is always very clear and efficient – from the project assignment to its delivery – everything just flows perfectly and naturally just the way it should be. Their “team player” approach also deserves to be highlighted. The Translator of the Month Award initiative really reflects how the company treasures and cares about their dedicated professionals. I’m more than thrilled and honoured to be part of such amazing translation company!

What is your life motto?

In my cosy office, I have three vintage wooden frames, each displaying an inspiring message motivating me throughout my office days. These have so much meaning to me as they were given to me by my grandparents, parents, and siblings when I was finishing my translation degree; they became my translator’s life mottos. I really hope you feel inspired and motivated as I am!


Arcelino, thank you for this great interview. It’s realy a pleasure to work with you. Congratulations and enjoy your SeproTec hoodie :)



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