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Después de muchas peticiones de nuestros lectores, desde SeproTec hemos desarrollado esta herramienta que seguro os va a ser muy útil.

Bienvenidos a nuestra nueva pestaña "¿SABÍAS QUÉ?", donde publicaremos información sobre refranes, proverbios, expresiones, etc. ¡¡¡Por supuesto en inglés y en español…!!!

¿Tienes alguna expresión que te guste particularmente? Utiliza nuestra nueva pestaña como referencia para aclarar tus dudas en la versión inglesa.

Por favor, mándanos tus sugerencias, ideas, preguntas y comentarios. ¡Estaremos encantados de escribir un nuevo post sobre tu expresión favorita!

Y si te resulta interesante no dudes en compartirlo con todos tus amigos.

¡Vamos allá!


After many requests, SeproTec has developed a new tool that is sure to be a hit for your multilingual needs.

Welcome to our new bilingual tab “SABÍAS QUÉ?”… DID YOU KNOW? where we will be sharing a daily factoid in English and in Spanish. These small pieces of information will include sayings, proverbs, expressions, phrasal verbs and much more curious facts related to both the Spanish and English languages.

Do you have a favorite saying, one that just sums up a certain type of situation but have never really thought about how this would be said in Spanish? Use this page as a reference for all your proverbial needs. I bet once you read it you will start hearing it all around you and maybe even start to use it. If you don’t find your favorite saying or expression here, just send it to us and we will create a new post dedicated to your inquiry.

We hope you stop by to check it out and pass on the fun information that you learn to others.

Feel free to send us your inquiries, questions, thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

The 10 most widely spoken languages on Earth…surprise!

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Since we like languages and statistics so much, we decided to combine the two to make a list of the 10 most widely spoken languages worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, despite the fact that English is spoken all over the world, it is not, nor does it come close to being, the most widely spoken language. So, with the invaluable help of Postchronicle, which in turn has drawn information from the CIA’s World Factbook and Wikipedia, we have compiled a list of the 10 most widely spoken languages in the world in terms of the number of speakers.

  1. Chinese (Mandarin): no less than 1,365,000,000 people!
  2. Spanish: between 325 and 500 million speakers – it is known as Castilian. It is a Romance language that evolved from several languages and dialects in the north central region of the Iberian peninsula during the ninth century. It is spoken in 21 countries.
  3. English: Between 309 and 400 million people speak it natively, and between 500 million and 1.8 billion people speak it as a second language.
  4. Arabic: between 206 and 422 million speakers
  5. Hindi: 181 million speakers
  6. Portuguese: 178 million speakers
  7. Bengali: 173 million speakers
  8. Russian: 164 million speakers
  9. Japanese: 128 million speakers
  10. 10. German: 96 million speakers

Do any of the languages included in this list surprise you? You weren’t expecting to see some of these languages included, were you? In 20 years, which language do you think will be the most widely spoken? Which language do you think will disappear? We at SeproTec are particularly surprised that French does not appear on this list. Although, having said that, it must be taken into account that the list is based on the various languages’ number of native speakers. In this case, French has 69 million native speakers and 152.8 million non-native speakers. Place your bets…

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